God the Father,

Through Christ and with

inspiration of the Spirit,

attracts some with a

divine call to follow Christ.

It is always a grace: "It was not you who chose Me, but

I who chose your..."(Jn.

15:16) It consists in the

total gift of life, in convenant

with God and to the service of kingdom. Article, 58

A Note from the Vocation Minister


Greetings and welcome to our Vocation link! I am delighted that you are taking time to surf our webpage, but in particular, that you feel challenged to go a bit deeper to explore the word "Vocation". I don't think it is by accident that you have clicked this way but by God's grace calling you to listen more deeply. It is in the depths of our heart where we will hear that voice of God and where we will discern the Will of God.


I remember very well those challenging days of my early 20's when the questions came and continued to well up in my heart...when least expected. I had big plans for my life, and well, God wanted what I wanted, right? At age 20, I never asked God what He wanted of me because I thought as long as I did well- in whatever came my way- it would be pleasing to God. I never really considered the depths of which this God knew me.  God knows every part of us- what motivates us, what inspires love within us, and mostly what we are truly capable of becoming. Because of this gift of love, God forms us into becoming our very best selves.


With each experience in life, we discover something more, something deeper about who we are. This causes us to engage in discernment-sometimes it is a conscious act, but often it is unconscious. We all wrestle with our Vocational call in this Catholic life; however, we often limit our thinking to marriage. Do you think individuals really give as much attention to contemplating Religious Life as a possibility as they do with married life? Do you take your life's options to prayer and ask God what he wants for you....and of you?


What does that inner voice seem to be saying to you? What sort of energy do you feel when you imagine yourself within the context of Religious Life? Meeting and getting to know the School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King (Lemont Franciscans) and experiencing their joy and love for one another and the people they serve captured my heart. I knew in the depths of my heart that this is where I belonged.


Where do you belong in this life? Where does God call you to go and what has God created you to be? Sit with those questions; talk them over with a wise person. We all have our place in this life, but to find our way, we must be open and respond to those individuals God places in our path.


May this God of love who knows you better than you know yourself, direct you to the place meant for you!


Peace and all good,


Sr. Mary Terese Giblin, SSFCR

Vocation Minister

School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King