We, School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King, are eager to tell our story and share our mission! We invite you to come and visit so that you might grow to know us and learn to love us by participating with the Sisters in day/evening and weekend experiences as well as week-long service and life opportunities. These include:


"Meet and Greet"


Evening gatherings are planned on a regular basis throughout the year to give interested women a chance to meet the Sisters through a shared meal or refreshments, prayer, and conversation.


"Chicago's Got Sisters" Run


A Nun Run is an experience during which single, Catholic women 18-40 are invited to visit the Sisters' houses (convents) to learn and experience religious life. Hear first-hand how our communities and ministries are making a difference. Participate in the prayer life lived by the Sisters. Experience the opportunity to hear stories and ask questions. 


"Franciscan Life Experience"


Are you wondering what God might be calling you to do with your life? Join us for a Discernment Weekend and share the gifts of conversation, prayer, and reflection. For more information, contact Sr. Mary Terese Giblin, Vocation Minister at 630-257-7524, or e-mail vocationssfcr@gmail.com. 


Service Opportunities


We connect with Feed My Starving Children in Aurora, IL. and work to pack and provide nutritious meals to the most needy children throughtout the world.


Call, click, or visit Sister Mary Terese for more information on the above listed opportunities.

Sister Mary Terese Giblin, SSFCR

Vocation Minister